Graduate student dating service

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Graduate student dating service

It could be worse though, but you also deserve mad props for being the second most open to LIKEing your bagels.

What it looks like is that more general degrees (i.e., Ph D, Master’s, Bachelor’s) are getting liked the least, which I think might have to do with their lack of specificity — you could be studying anything from dance to chemical engineering, so your area of study is probably more important to bagels than your level of degree.

But you guys also have a bunch of totally random shared interests: croissants? Urban Dictionary is telling me it’s either a term related to drug use, a slang word for “doing the deed,” or the act of stealing the contents of someone’s backpack.

Something tells me that’s not what you doctors of academia are talking about.

Believe it or not, over 35% of our member base has a master’s degree or higher.

Compare that to the national average of people with master’s degrees or higher at 12%, you guys are a bunch of smarty pants!

Your research and reading come with you, and they’re always on your mind.

Before you know it, your thesis or dissertation has taken on a life of its own.

We looked at all of our users who have a Ph D’s profiles and isolated words and phrases in their profiles that were used most frequently. The words used in the last three sections of the profile are what we used for this study.

Her interests include technology's affect on Generation Y, plastic dinosaurs, social interaction and snapback hats.

Around this time of year (read: Valentine’s Day), it’s hard not to notice—try as you might—that everything’s suddenly turning heart-shaped.

On the other hand, the upside of dating within the grad pool is that your partner(s) will understand and empathize with your experience and will know to give you space when you need it.

If you do date a fellow graduate student, by all means, try a different department.

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As a grad student neck-deep in research, writing, or wrangling your TA section, it’s tempting to shut yourself off from this annual love-fest as you consume equal parts books and coffee.