Sagetv weather not updating

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The options are: Configure Placeshifter users – See the Manage Placeshifter Users dialog in the Detailed Setup: Server Settings menu.Continue – Continue the Configuration Wizard process.Once Sage TV is configured, options may later be adjusted for all the source capture devices, certain channels may be enabled or disabled through the Channel Setup and Channel Manager menus, Parental Controls may be changed, and various options may be configured in Detailed Setup.All of these setup options are reached through the Setup submenu on the Main Menu.In order to use a Placeshifter Client from a remote location, your local network’s router/firewall needs to be configured to allow access to your Sage TV server from remote locations.It must be configured to forward all communication that comes from the internet and arrives at a specific port on your router so that the data received is sent to your local Sage TV server.You may exit the screen by using the Continue button while this is happening, but the Configure Placeshifter Connection button will not function until the check has been completed.

The options are: Yes – Enable the server so that I can use Sage TV Client No – Disable the server.Go to Step 1 for this section: Configuration Wizard: General and User Interface Options.Set the Media Center Options – Configure only the settings relating to importing media files.This configuration can be done manually on the router, or Sage TV can be configured to automatically handle keeping access to the Sage TV server open if your router has UPn P (Universal Plug and Play) capability.IMPORTANT NOTES: - After entering this Configuration Wizard screen, Sage TV will take a short time to check the current port forwarding configuration settings and options.

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I do not plan to use Sage TV Client This option is only available in Sage TV, not Sage TVClient, when the Sage TV Server option is already enabled (above); enabling it allows Sage TV to act as a server for Media Extenders and Placeshifter Clients.

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