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Hot live free two way web cam chating

Most of her classes where boring and uneventful accept for the free they had in art do to the teacher having a meeting.During that free Jenna was so deep in thought about her new master that she didn Cheerleading practice was about to start and Jenna had not noticed so she was running late.Then after eating Jenna realized it was so she decided to go and do what little homework she had from her day at school.

She logged on twenty minutes later with the name slave J.Jenna read her rules for what felt like forever but was only 15 minutes then she decided to go shower and get ready for school.The drive to school on the bus was pretty uneventful for Jenna.She then set up an add that was as follows She logged on to her yahoo account and went to add a contact.Then she suddenly stopped she was wondering if she was ready for this to be a slave to a man she had never even met before.

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Jenna woke up extremely late woke up extremely late on this day so she had a quick shower and left for school.

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