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Udating windows dns

(There is an irony here, as some of the more “evil” malware hijacks your host file to prevent their removal or to redirect search queries).

Unfortunately, there are several problems with using host files, especially in a corporate environment: As an alternative to host files, there are several desktop-based DNS software packages available which are designed for use on a single desktop.

So in order to avoid the false detection, follow the instructions in the above Microsoft article.

Basically you will need to exclude the Hosts file from scanning in Windows Defender.

These packages were originally designed as a substitute for a large host file in order to speed up browsing by having a local name server available to cache domain queries such as DNSKong.

These programs can also be used to block domains associated with malware.

seems Microsoft has finally corrected the issue ...

Before you can install a custom HOSTS file in Win8, you will need to make a change in Windows Defender ...

as much as I can find it stands for: FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED On Windows NTFS volumes, the attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED can be set for directories and files, so that the directories and files are not indexed by the Windows Indexing Service.

If you were previously using the MVPS HOSTS and Windows 7 ... The below screenshot shows the "MVPS HOSTS FILE IS NOW UPDATED" message ...

Editors Note: in most cases a large HOSTS file (over 135 kb) tends to slow down the machine.

There are several Utilities that can reset the DNS Client for you ...

[more info] Editors Note: The above instructions are intended for a single (home-user) PC.

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