Validating dynex

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Validating dynex

The model 3550 Microplate Reader feature powerful on-board software- kinetic capabilities- and high volume and thermal capacities. Flexibility for Diverse Analyses The flexibility and multifunctional nature of the Model 3550 Microplate Readers makes them ideal for laboratories with diverse microplate analysis needs.

Moreover- the model 3550 Microplate reader- with its 340 to 750 nm spectral range and high performance optics- is perfect for specialized applications requiring increased linearity- higher O. Some of the features that make the model 3550 Microplate Reader perfect for comprehensive microplate analysis include: - Powerful on-board software to collect date- analyze results- and produce reports - High speed optics- on-board plate mixer- and special multiple reading mode to provide kinetic data collection - Modular design to allow the additional of thermal- automatic stack loading- and bar code reader accessories.

Excellent optical performance for 96- and 384-well plates The high-quality optical system of the Multiskan Ascent ensures excellent reproducibility, accuracy and reliable results. These values can have a noticeable effect on a laboratory’s throughput.

Available as a stand-alone unit or externally controlled by a PC and Windows Revelation Quick Link software, the Opsys MR has features found on high-end instruments, including user-defined templates, one-touch access for most commonly used assay programs, and single, dual, or multiple wavelength reading.

test kits you can maximize your automation efficiency while saving hands-on time and costs in unnecessary needed consumables.

The SQII was designed for efficiency and reliability. SQII-3004 | Reagent Bottles 20ml (24 Pack) for use with SQII/AESKULISA Rack REF.

Includes line cord, PC Software, fully remanufactured, technical support and one year warranty.

automatic microplate readers are ideal for laboratories needing a multifunctional reader with superior optical specifications.

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Analysis: Quantitative ELISA The Calpro Lab™ ELISA kit is a quantitative assay for determination of calprotectin concentration in faeces, blood and tissue fluids Calpro Lab™ELISA, CE-marked, product No.