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Logon script not updating

The shares for these printer connections have already been created on the print server and published into Active Directory.

Navigate through the GPME to User Configuration | Preferences | Control Panel Settings | Printers.

For example, logon scripts can easily map the H: drive to a user's home folder, ensuring consistent access to data no matter where said user might log in.

The GPP Targeting Editor Considering that many IT shops can have dozens or hundreds of printers to configure across an even larger number of workstations, this process greatly simplifies the logon script creation of yesteryear.

Start this process by creating a new Group Policy in the Group Policy Management Console and edit this policy in the Group Policy Management Editor (GPME).

In this example, assign printer connections to different Active Directory security groups in the domain.

Even better, GPPs can be discretely targeted to specific users and computers, ensuring desired preferences make their way to the right people.

That targeting can be accomplished through simple organizational unit (OU) assignment, or you can get extremely detailed by limiting GPP processing to certain computers via item-level targeting.

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Item-level targeting is accomplished on a per-GPP basis, meaning Group Policy preferences can be created repeatedly in a single Group Policy, instructing each to specifically target only the user or computer that should process the preference. Let's take a look through an example of printer configuration using a GPP.