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Some said it spoke to them and forewarned of an impending disaster in their town, a small farming community at the intersection of the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. More than 100 people reported seeing a 9-foot-tall, black, winged creature with glowing red eyes.During a bout with insomnia, he found himself in a Pasadena bookstore. That was the appeal to me, the ambiguity and the unanswered questions.He saw "The Mothman Prophecies" on the shelf, picked it up and soon enough was sitting cross-legged on the floor reading the book. By the next day, he was on the phone with author Keel and began writing the screenplay. Gere plays the younger, cockier journalist, while Alan Bates plays an older, wiser and spooked professor who at one time also witnessed a paranormal event. We wanted to play it straight and strip out any melodrama or kookiness." Keel, who has seen the movie, said he thought "Richard Gere does a great job of gradually going nuts." Now 72 and still writing books and articles from his home in New York City, he says: "I didn't go nuts, but I was very upset."The mysteries of life are so profound; that is why this legend and other kinds of mythology exist.I feel it keeps us human." Many locals were upset that the movie was not filmed in Point Pleasant itself.The people were very believable." Pellington says that Mothman follows a pattern of the unexplained, which makes rational, modern society ill at ease.

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Although the real story occurred in the 1960s, the movie is set in contemporary times.

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