Whos 1d dating

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Whos 1d dating

At first spray its quite alcoholic and sharp, after a few seconds i get the rasberry with rose and powdery notes.Then at the drydown i really get the marshmallow and musk.

I almost didnt even know about it, but i shouldnt b so dismissive of celeb scents apparently.Even with my dry skin in the cold mountain weather! I'll be looking forward to testing her other frags soon.This is probably one of the most WELL DONE celebrity gourmand scent out there being it is one of the newest celeb perfume which was released.I have (fantasy, fancy, meow et al) but this is probably the only one that does not have a weird off putting note most celeb fragrances have. The Marshmallow note is sweet but Soft to me which prevents it from being cloying. To me i get up to 8-12 hours especially if i spray it on my shirt.Fantasy, fancy and meow has that Thick sweet smell to them that can sometimes becomes cloying and headache inducing. I've been reaching for this most of the time since i got it.

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One other thing that I like is the cool bottle, it's a pleasure to behold that lovely pinkish purplish liquid in a heavy spiky glass bottle, it's super substantial feeling.

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