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Marty: Blue suit, gray suit, I'm just a fat, little man.

Afterwards, his mother's persistence in finding him a nice Catholic girl to marry results in nagging and pestering questions at dinner.

The film's screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky transformed his own original teleplay into a successful major motion picture - and the modest film remains one of the best examples of the cinematization of a television play. I was figuring on taking in a movie tonight, and I was wondering if you and your friend would care to see a movie tonight with me and my friend. Why, I know it's a little late to call for a date, but I didn't know myself till - yeah, I know.

(The 48-minute TV comedy-drama was originally presented on NBC-TV's "Philco-Goodyear Playhouse" series on May 24, 1953 as a 60-minute broadcast, with leads Rod Steiger and Nancy Marchand, during a period now recognized as the "Golden Age of Television." It received zero nominations during the Emmys that year.) It was the only film based on a TV drama to ever win Best Picture. You was with a friend of yours, and I-I was with a friend of mine, name of Angie. Yeah, well, I'm the stocky one, the heavy-set fella. Yeah, well, what about - well, how about next Saturday night?

The film depicts thirty-six hours in the life of the main character: 34 year-old, bug-eyed Marty Piletti (Ernest Borgnine) - an ordinary, burly, heavy-set Bronx butcher. After work, he joins a number of other single young bachelors hanging out in a local Bronx cafe on a Saturday night - everyone is discussing sports, dating, and pin-up girls in a magazine. I've been looking for a girl every Saturday night of my life.

In the opening scene in his butcher shop while Marty waits on a female customer, he tells her how all his younger brothers and sisters are happily married and raising families. In one of the film's most memorable lines, one of Marty's neighborhood male friends in the cafe, Angie (Joe Mantell), asks about how they can fill their lives with something interesting in their very familiar daily routine and frequent exchange: Angie complains about their normal Saturday night indecisiveness: "We ought to do somethin'. I don't want to go bowling like last Saturday." He suggests that they call up some past pick-up dates: "How about calling up that big girl we picked up in the movies about a month ago up in the RKO Chester? You know that big girl that was sittin' in front of us, with the skinny friend... I'll take the skinny one." Marty seems weary of dating: "She maybe got a date already, Ange... I don't feel like callin' her up." And then they repeat their familiar exchange again, and Angie is fed up with Marty's tired responses: Angie: Well, whaddya feel like doin' tonight?

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In the same way that a triangle can never be a circle, it is impossible to say that God – an unlimited being – can ever create a rock that is too heavy for Him to lift.