Cartier watches dating

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Cartier watches dating

There really is a lot going on here but the dominant notes here are the ethnic spices, this reminds me of walking through a crowded street in Mumbai.

The notes i this fragrance give off a "sweaty vibe" but it's not really an off putting sweaty, it's more of a refined sweaty.....

Great blend of fresh spices with a nice woody backbone that gives a intriguing, sexy vibe.

I still enjoy this stuff to this day and will probably always remain in my collection.

I get the birch and leather notes, but they come and go.

The black pepper is also faint, but there in the background.

I wonder how rose is not one of those many notes listed above.

Its basically rose, a bit of orange, ginger and tea leaves.

This part of the scent is also wearable and good, but I said too spicy for my taste. All I get is a very sour combination of tea and vetiver, with a high dose of body odor.

Quality: 3 out of 5 – It’s smells good, but doesn’t make a lasting impression. I’m not sure if reacts to my skin chemistry differently on different days but it does it more than any other scent I own.

The Indian food phenomena people talk about, I have unfortunately experienced on occasion.

So the first 1 hour is good, but later I get a hardcore sour/sweaty body odor, which is terrible… - try before buy Scent (open, top-mid): 7.5/10 (x2) Scent (drydown, base): 4.5/10 (x2) Sillage: 4/10 Longevity: 7/10 Uniqueness: 10/10 Versatility: 7.5/10 Total: 6.563/10 Its not a bad one per se but many people are not familiar with the smell of middle eastern rose water and this thing is a more refined version of it.

- good gor spring/summer/autumn, not too loud, very versatile. It smells feminine and probably a little bit oldish.

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Having trouble detecting the mandarin but I think it's there in the "freshness" that this has.

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