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While homosexuality is accepted, any public display of romance, whether straight or gay, is frowned upon.

The Indonesian legal age of consent for straight and gay sex is 16.

The battle between Barong and Rangda is featured in Barong dance […] Jimbaran A high-end place to stay at the south of Bali located in a beautiful bay in the south and gives you another great sunset moment.

The white sandy beach gives you the best spot for staying under the sun while you’re enjoy checking out the surfers!

The 5 km long white sandy beach with […] Celuk Celuk is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination because the local residents are very proactive and full of innovation in gold and silver crafting.

Lombok, a Muslim island, frowns upon homosexuality and you will find it difficult to find suitable accommodations and accepting people.

The only exception is the Gili Islands, where there is a slightly more laid-back attitude.

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Experience the celebration of Indonesia’s finest cuisine, culture, craftsmanship & its people.

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