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The guitar was featured on the 2014 recording sessions for Pink Floyd’s Endless River album.

Red Jedson tunings 1977; Open G chord, D G D G B E – Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9 1987 – 2006; Open Em chord, E B E G B E – One of These Days and High Hopes Blonde Jedson and Fender Deluxe tuning 1974 – 2006; Open G chord, D G D G B E – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (early ’74 version), Great Gig in the Sky, Breathe, Wot’s…

The guitar is first seen on stage in France, June 1974 (Great Gig in the Sky and Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 2).

This was actually the first time David used slides live as he used the Strat on earlier performances (One of these Days, Atom Heart Mother and Echoes).

Uh the Deal Miscellaneous slides David used an early 1940’s Gibson EH-150 lap steel during his semi acoustic shows in 2001-02, – High Hopes and Shine on You Crazy Diamond 6-9.

The Gibson was also used on a Paul Mc Cartney charity show during the Run Devil Run period in 2000 and on the recording sessions of Take a Breath in 2005.

The red Jedson was used on Shine On 6-9 during the Animals tour in 1977.

This is a very old guitar from David’s collection, dating from the 1930’s.

It was also used on live performances of Smile and Then I Close My Eyes. In January 2007 David, Guy Pratt, Richard Wright and Steve Di Stanislao recorded a brief jam session at David’s farm in Sussex.

The 1000 twin neck was last seen on the BBC Dark Side of the Moon documentary in 2003.

Jedson lap steels “(…) but one of the first jobs I had to do was to go out and buy two lap steel guitars for the different tunings needed on Great Gig in the Sky and One of These Days, which was an alternative encore but in the end they opted for Echoes.

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The guitar was last used on High Hopes on the 2006 On an Island tour.