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Anti-virus software can, when the virus definition file is kept current, automatically find and remove viruses and other malware.This document presumes you are using Symantec Endpoint Protection, which is provided free of charge via the download channel in Go WMU, to all WMU faculty and staff members. It even has security features that protect its security features.The program allows the administrator to disable various options for other users.This prevents the settings from being altered unintentionally, and helps keep the anti-virus components secure and active.However, if the administrator locks down too many features it can also render the anti-virus completely useless.If you need to update your virus definitions manually, follow the instructions below.

Most major hardware and software players, including vendors of virus and spyware scanners, offer this technology.Open up the Symantec Interface by double-clicking the Symantec \"shield\" icon next to the system clock. Open the settings page for Symantec and navigate to the \"Server Settings\" section of the \"Live Update Policy\". \"WIN\" is the Windows logo key between \"Ctrl\" and \"Alt\".Set the \"Live Update Server\" setting to use the default server. In the \"Run\" dialog box, type \"regedit\" and press \"Enter\".Next, select \"Enable users to manually run Live Update\" so that it is checked. Navigate to the following key using the left-hand tree list: \"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\Live Update\".Double-click the value \"Allow manual update\" and change it from \"0\" to \"1\". The Live Update feature will be enabled upon the reboot.

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Virus definition files search for known patterns in your files and are updated at least daily.