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It's their first vacation as a family with Aaron and Jack, and Dave has one hell of a learning curve. Will Rossi's comfort and guidance lead her to confess? But when the two cases become too much alike, questions are raised as to whether Hotch shot the right man 9 years ago, or is covering up mistakes. Rossi tries to peel back some of the Unit Chief's layers, trying to distinguish Aaron from Agent Hotchner when things get to be too much for the team leader. Rated for language.***SPOILERS*** Season4 finale & first casting call for Season5. He's twenty-four now, lives in Gotham City under a fake name and has been working at a small coffee shop owned by Virginia Potts for the last few years. *THREE SHOT*During a public event, Bruce makes a mistake that might endanger his image as an airheaded playboy.- SLASH- Hotch/Rossi, Jack established relationship . When Hotch and Reid interviewed Chester Hardwick, it could have ended in tragedy. But what if Chester Hardwick did not let Reid distract him? Potential Season 5 Premiere: this story recaps the last scene from Season4 and moves it forward to a possible conclusion. When tragedy strikes in SSA Jennifer Jareau's life, she has no idea how she'll handle the coming changes. A sequel to "The Fallen" by Hello World19 CMFAN2009 & Brummie10 , this story explores Hotchner's emotional, psychological and physical recovery to a life-threatening injury. The knight errant returns to the castle, to converse with the gentle fool. Fortunately, or not, Tony it's there, and more than willing to create a distraction in a way only Tony Stark can. Set post 6x06 "Devil's Night." Thanks to some photos, Garcia's always bubbly personality, and Dave's big mouth, the team found out about Jack Hotchner's Halloween costume. [Rewritten in 2017.]Spoilers from 7x04 "Painless." "How did it go at Jack's school?The two non-profilers on the team come up with a game to pass the time and alleviate the stress of day to day life. Until, a special friend steps in and gives her a hand. Hotch/Garcia post-ep, “Minimal Loss.” Note: This is a companion story to my earlier post-ep, “I Watched”, and it will make much more sense if you read it first.[One-shot Collection] Chapter II: With David and Les back in school and the thing with Sara over, Jack isn't sure if there's still a place for him in the Jacobs household. I need to know how much I'm going to spoil him the next time I see him," Dave added with an upward curl of his lips.Written for March Madness on CCOAC challenge, as ever I own nothing it is CBS plaything not mine The story that answers the burning question, "Where does a nudist carry his gun? David has some thoughts about that.[One-shot Collection] Chapter VIII: Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne may be friends now, but they had a bit of a rough start. Wayne-Stark Friendship with some Superman on the side. [Rewritten in 2017.]Spoilers from 7x01 "It Takes a Village". Spoilers from 5x09 "100." Watching Aaron sleep, as he had done so many nights before, he couldn't help remembering that night, three months after Haley's death, when everything had gone to hell. Spoilers from 5x09 "100." After some problems with Jack, Hotch has doubts about being a good father.:) I will be adding the rest to the list below as I work my way through them. in which Bear goes visiting, Finch worries, and Reese grinds his teeth a lot... Pairings: eventual Reid/Emily, plus a little Hotch/JJ. Dave thought he had left love behind along with happily ever after. Rated for language All parents worry about things that might be a bad influence in their child's life. The exercise that the counselor suggested was nothing more than a way to establish trust: tell her 5 things about himself that are NOT in his personnel file. Sequel to "Now You See Me" story, in which Hotch gets kidnapped and sexually abused by an unsub.

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