Dyndns not updating

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Dyndns not updating

Our customers are vendors of electronic devices, who share our vision of making products Internet accessible, and creating real value for the consumer. Nabto provides a P2P device connection infrastructure that delivers simple, seamless local and remote connectivity to ‘Internet of Things’ devices.Each device is identified by a unique, vendor specified ID.End-users, installers and automatic data-collectors effortlessly create a secure, online, interactive connection to the device meaning the data in the device can be accessed, or commands to the device can be issued.

If client and device are located on the same LAN, the client can discover the device and establish a direct connection without the need for an Internet connection.Fee includes unlimited number of clients, unlimited number of requests and access to all platform features.Optional hosting of cloud services with 99.95% uptime guarantee.This ensures lowest possible latency and maximum privacy as no data need to be stored outside the device.For streaming applications, this means massive amounts of saved bandwidth for you as opposed to traditional relayed connections.

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