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If you're a gamer, Windows 10 is a very attractive update.Not just because of the neat Xbox One-to-PC streaming features, but because the Direct X 12 graphics API, will be a Windows 10 exclusive.You’ll notice that images will immediately show their dimensions.As a side effect, other Finder objects will also display information like item count and file size.The default setting in Mac OS X Finder is to display no file information, but you can easily set the Finder, Windows, and the Desktop to show image dimensions through a setting in View Options.

The other gaming-related feature Windows 10 has is game streaming from Xbox One.Keep that in mind, because if you enable the “Show Item Info” option and don’t see the image resolution underneath a picture, you probably just need to switch back to the Mac Finder’s “Icon” view to make it visible.This works in all versions of OS X from the earliest renditions through Mavericks, so you’ll find it supported regardless of what release you’re using.Windows 7 users must have at least Service Pack 1 in order to get Windows 10.If your copy of Windows 7 doesn't have SP1, you'll need to update it first.

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