Verizon number for updating roaming capabilities speed dating fife

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Verizon number for updating roaming capabilities

Maybe someone who has had the same problem can help....moved to an area that does not have Verizon cell phone coverage.On the map it does show coverage beginning approximately 100 ft to the west of me, to the east it is a mile or so, north and south are both a 1/2 mile.They work great but have to have the phone fixed to the booster.A great option and cheaper than a more expensive roaming booster if you combine a bluetooth cordless phone .Single stationary boosters can be purchased for under 0.

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I did see that Verizon has a booster for 9, haha, I pay enough for their service, I'm surely not going to pay more! I previously had Verizon, moved to an area with a dead zone, and could not receive or make calls from my home. They checked to see if they had similar complaints on streets around me, discovered they had many, and sent me the booster you're talking about for free. Mildly late to the party but there seems to be some misinformation in this thread, not entirely the poster(s) fault either.

A cell signal repeater or cell phone booster takes the outside signal, and then amplifies it.

Also works in area where there is only a few places in your house where you get decent reception.

Put your cell on charge near a window or wherever you have reception and use the cordless headsets when you are home. You can Import your phone directory to the cordless phone.

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I will gladly welcome any and all help on boosters, antennas, etc..

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