Real life internet dating horror stories

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Real life internet dating horror stories

You can pick up your phone and join any number of online dating websites and apps to find the man or woman of your dreams.

Introverts everywhere rejoice at this idea — it’s fun, convenient, and less anxiety-inducing than the alternative.

I’ve been out multiple times with about 10 women, the youngest 47, the oldest 65. In one, I’m standing atop a fire tower in the middle of the Pine Barrens; in another wearing hunting clothes and with my dog in Vermont.

There's me winter kayaking, and several with my adult daughter, with a group of college buddies I've been friends with for 40 years and there's also one picturing a book I wrote, my byline showing distinctly on the cover.

There are potential scams, punctilious profiles, demands – NO LIARERS!!!

As I am very serious and responsible, I am looking for the same kind of person.

He will always help, support me and I promise to give him my love and my care.

FB rants are not just my coping method: My writer colleague and pal, Tara Nurin, back to online dating recently on OKcupid, is doing the same thing on her FB timeline. Within reason, I tell my followers what I feel like. And online dating is all that, but on an amped up schedule.

Perhaps that explains why the largest growth in online dating is booming with the youngest millennials and folks more than 50.

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There’s also the downside of meeting online: it’s impersonal, catfishing happens routinely and lies and omissions linger because they are not apparent without meeting and/or vetting.