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What to expect when dating a farmer

Being married is a feat in and of itself, being married to a farmer adds a whole other layer. I am finding out things about myself I didn’t know…. It rains when you don’t want it to, crops burn up or get disease…. It’s best to find the silver lining in the farm life. You appreciate Mother Nature in ways you’d never thought possible. He’s my rock, he sets my soul on fire, he may make me pull my hair out from time to time…

There is no denying the fact that our relationship is an adventure. Like I CAN learn patience and I had no idea how strong I could be until I needed to be. You will get to experience farming on such an intimate level. Every single day, you are bound to learn something new in the farm world. After my second year of experiencing planting and harvesting crops, I still marvel at how Mother Nature works together in order to make things grow.

those are simply things that only women like you and I will be able to experience. Less than 2% of this great nation consists of farmers which means even less than 2% of all women will get to experience a romance like yours. So with that said, make sure to read my post about being in a relationship with agriculture and remember to never stop dating your farmer. Slayton, you best be taking this girl out on some off the farm dates too.

I am always here for you to message if you need a friend. The tractor rides are amazing but a girl needs a reason to get all done up. Krista is a wife, mother of three & first generation dairy farmer. Krista loves to write, take photos, travel and meet new people.

My experiences with farming really didn’t begin until I said “I do” that hot August day. I came from a suburban realm where dads came home at 5 and dinner was at 6. You are alone a lot (this is such a big one I had to borrow it from Meggie) I’m not sure what I expected when I married a farmer, but it wasn’t eating dinner at 8 and spending my weekend by myself. Between daily chores, fixing things that are broken, supervising employees, and the crazy times of the year (planting, harvesting, haying, etc.), there isn’t much time for things like vacation, going out for dinner with friends, or weekend getaways. I didn’t mind doing some of the housework, but I doing it all just because I was the girl. This reality drove me crazy during our dating life. You’re always late The dairy makes us late for everything – church, parties, dinner at his parents’ house, vet appointments, and nights out with friends. You learn flexibility and patience Two traits I did NOT possess before I married the Dairy Man were flexibility and patience. Some might call me type-A OCDish, but I call myself organized. And, really, being a little less uptight hasn’t hurt me one bit. That being said, being married to my farmer is fabulous in so many ways. It has downsides, but I am so proud to have a husband that understands the value of an honest day’s work. Again, annoying, but I think this kind of vocational passion is so rare and admirable.

In my world, families took summer vacations, slept in on Saturdays, and were always on time to church. It’s very difficult for the Dairy Man to peel himself away from the dairy, even for a night. I wanted my husband to know how to vacuum, load the dishwasher, and do his own laundry. But unfortunately there are just times of the year where he can’t. If you say you can go bowling with your friends on Friday, then you GO bowling with your friends on Friday. There’s always one more thing to do, one more thing to fix, or one more problem to tackle. If you’re 30 minutes late for church you can say, “Sorry, Pastor, problems on the dairy,” and he nods his head knowingly and declares, “Well, we’re just glad you made it! I may or may not have matching baskets labeled by category in the bathroom closet. He exemplifies work and passion I’ve never seen someone work so hard. He asks me about my day Despite dragging himself into the house exhausted each night, my Dairy Man still cares about my life, my day, and my feelings.

The Dairy Man works 6.5 days a week and usually gets in around 8. ” A secret added bonus of this reality is that people start to get excited when you actually to an event. I can’t remember the last time he didn’t ask me “how was your day? He’s busy and gone a lot, but he always takes a moment to ask about me. I traded stilettos for rubber boots to marry a ruggedly handsome Dairy Man.

Ladies, ask for a plat book if your county does that kind of thing.. If you want to see them or spend time with him, this is where you will be. It’s a common thing during certain times of the year that I find soybean seeds rolling around in my dryer. Don’t plan on eating at a certain time every night or day with your husband. You may be eating supper at 7 pm one night and 10 pm the next night. You can never RSVP “yes” to events during planting, spraying, or harvest because you never really know IF you will be available. during this time of the year are usually last minute things… Whether you are going by the hardware store or to stop and look at “insert piece of equipment here”, you never just go to town without doing some sort of farm business…

Dear Chase, I was recently contacted by your boyfriend.

He let me know that he was a dairy farmer and he was dating a very special girl.

There is NO denying that marrying a farmer changed my life in so many ways… You never know when your husband will suddenly decide that “insert farm task here” is IMPERATIVE to get done and he’s off in a flash when you had plans to spend the day together… Yes, my life may have drastically changed the moment I fell in love with a farmer. I am in it for the long haul with him and there’s no turning back now… The good times will be good, the tough times will just make us stronger.

Here’s 10 ways marrying a farmer WILL change your life.. You will become very good at directions, landmarks, and where people live… Date nights during planting and harvest = time in the tractor or combine with your husband.

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When I fell in love with my (NOW) husband, I never imagined what our life would look like on a day to day basis.