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Christian courtship vs the dating game

During the second seven years of life children like to play with members of their own sex.

The boys may be seen at their marbles or football, and the girls at their skipping or rounders.

The opposite sex becomes attractive, and the growing youth and maiden begin to enjoy each other's company.

It needs to be mastered as an apprentice must master his trade.

The boy may feel awkward in his approach, and stammer and stutter his words of friendship.

The girl has fits of giggles, and some easily blush and become self-conscious.

There are old rules of chivalry which we would do well to bring back into use. They have not seen or heard quarrels between father and mother. They have noticed that father is courteous in treatment of mother, and mother is thoughtful and affectionate toward father. It has been said: `You can tell, by the way a fellow treats a girl, what sort of a mother he has.'(2). Powers awaken in us at this time of our life which we must learn to control.

In Christian life especially do we repudiate the habits and customs of the world concerning our sex life.

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Now he has stopped in the center of the ring as his playmates sing: `Now choose the one you love the best.'Adolescent life is like that game.

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