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We thrive on referrals from clients, both past and present, and from friends and associates who can vouch for the exceptional service we provide to those in search of a partner.

Each one of our professional matchmakers knows all of their clients personally and keeps them in mind with each new single that they meet.Additionally, the company offers a team of experts providing an array of beneficial services to their clients including an elite matchmaking team, dating coaches, licensed psychologists, personal shopper/wardrobe consultants and several photographers to choose from.When she’s not busy doing Cupid’s work, Sherri enjoys disappearing to the mountains, Costa Rica or Europe and often finds new clients on her travels.Someone who works in a similar field, or who has an in depth understanding of what you are going through, and can accept it.A soldier and police detective can both understand what it is like to work under pressure in great danger.

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If you are dating someone who hates spy movies, don’t surprise him or her with a ticket to the latest Bond movie.