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Rules for dating an aquarius woman

For some, it’s about free love, for others, it’s being able to discuss all of their personal problems with an ex. Aquarius men can talk up a storm but they can also be great listeners.

One thing’s for sure, it comes from a good place in their hearts. If they agree to being only with you, then that is what you will get. They love a good story and are especially interested in your personal experiences, trials and your triumphs!

For the Aquarius male, there is no yesterday or tomorrow.She is often a humanitarian who is looking to make the world a better place, which is why she is filled with so many inventive ideas.Her intellect is dazzling and she challenges any man to explore the full depth of her mind.So you will eventually tell him more than you meant to. Being around them is being drawn into their way of seeing the world.When you get a glimpse of it, it’s hard not to want to stay there.

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As long as he is with you, he will fiercely guard your personal life with his own.