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Dourdan dating

His ex-girlfriend, who he had two kids with, sued him for fraud.After that, he was under serious threat from an international stalker. This was until his untimely death in the first episode of season nine.Since the inception of the character in 2002, Caine has been praised by critics and also developed a cult following during his time on TV.Even personalities such as David Letterman and Jim Carrey have displayed their admiration for Caruso’s portrayal.

However, her personal life is certainly more eventful.After pretty much being a part of the show for the entirety of its run, Szmanda has kept a pretty low profile in the world of both TV and film. Campaign For Burma, having traveled to Thailand and seen first-hand the Burmese refugees who flee their country and what they go through on a day-to-day basis.However, he has had a keen interest in activism since his departure from . Wallace Langham played the role of technician David Hodges.But as time went on, he became more popular as a character and more experienced as an investigator.It wasn’t long before Szmanda was a regular fixture on the show.

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And although she has refused to even disclose his name, it is believed that he is a TV producer who she lives with in L. character who was originally brought onto the show to bring a much-needed comic relief to what were generally serious affairs.