Qaran dating

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Qaran dating

Uncomfortable material was removed: for example 18 psalms had to be dropped from the book of Psalms found its way in under false pretences, having being written much later than it purports to have been.The Jews in Jerusalem were stricter than the Greek-speaking Jews of the Diaspora in what they regarded as divinely inspired. Arguments about what was and what was not genuine scripture prompted Jewish scholars to consider the question around the end of the first century AD.Failing this, we might expect that various copies would at least agree with each other.We certainly would not expect to find evidence of tampering and later editing.

No one knows what Jesus would have regarded as canonical.Orthodox Christians held that the Greek translation called the ; and later still Protestants accorded it to their own translations.Many fundamentalist Christians still believe that the Old Testament is the literal and infallible word of God, but over the last 200 years or so virtually all Christian scholars have abandoned such beliefs.However, the book had to be reduced by half to make it acceptable.The found its way into the canon because it was also mistakenly believed to have been written by Solomon.

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We would not expect to find evidence of deliberate mistranslation.

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