Gradating picture frame

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Gradating picture frame

This function draws lines by using the current pen. Specifies the x- and y-coordinates of the point that defines the arc's starting point (in logical units).

This point does not have to lie exactly on the arc.

Member functions are also provided for drawing text, working with fonts, using printer escapes, scrolling, and playing metafiles.

To use a provides two member functions, Get Layout and Set Layout, for reversing the layout of a device context, which does not inherit its layout from a window.

If the application displays a dialog box to allow the user to cancel the print operation, it must call Abort Doc before destroying the dialog box.

If Print Manager was used to start the print job, calling Abort Doc erases the entire spool job — the printer receives nothing.

A comment may include any private information — for example, the source of the picture and the date it was created.

A comment should begin with an application signature, followed by the data.

The arc drawn by using the function is a segment of the ellipse defined by the specified bounding rectangle.The ending point is similarly located by measuring counterclockwise from the starting point by the number of degrees in the sweep angle.If the sweep angle is greater than 360 degrees the arc is swept multiple times.Specifies the sweep angle in degrees relative to the starting angle. The line segment is drawn from the current position to the beginning of the arc.The arc is drawn along the perimeter of a circle with the given radius and center.

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