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Murray wis up 5–1 when he hit a forehaund frae the back o the court an snapped the tendons in his wrist, leavin him oot o action frae 15 Mey until 7 August, tharebi missin Wimbledon. At the Masters tournaments, Murray reached the semifinals o Indian Wells an Miami.

At Rome an Cincinnati, Murray exited in the first roond whilst goin oot in the seicont in Canadae. Murray then made his first Grand Slam quarter final at Wimbledon afore makin his first final at the US Open.

He is the first man in the Open Era tae achieve five runner-up finishes at the Australian Open, efter losin tae Djokovic in the final o the 2016 Australian Open.

In 2011, Murray became anly the seivent player in the Open Era tae reach the semifinals o all fower Grand Slam tournaments in ane year.

describit Murray as "unbelievably competitive", while Murray attributes his abilities tae the motivation gained frae losin tae his aulder brither Jamie.

In 1999, at the age o 12, Murray won his age group at the Orange Bowl, a prestigious event for junior players.

He achieved a tap-10 rankin bi the ATP for the first time on 16 Aprile 2007, an reached a career peak o world No. Murray is the reignin Olympic champion, haein defeatit Roger Federer at the 2012 Olympic Gemmes in straucht sets tae win the gowd medal in the men's singles final, acomin the first British singles champion in ower 100 years, an defended his title in 2016.

This title made him the anly British male tae acome a Grand Slam singles champion durin the Open Era.

Efter reachin the French Open semifinal in 2014, he became the tenth man tae reach twa or more semifinals at each o the fower Majors.On 7 Julie 2013, Murray won the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, acomin the first British player tae win a Wimbledon senior singles title syne Virginia Wade in 1977, an the first British man tae win the Men's Singles Championship syne Fred Perry, 77 years previously.Murray is the anly man in history tae hae won Olympic Gowd an the US Open in the same calendar year, as well as the third man tae haud the Gowd Medal an twa majors on different surfaces (efter Andre Agassi an Rafael Nadal).In the final twa masters tournaments, Murray exited in the third roond in Madrid an he went oot in the quarter finals o Paris. Durin the tournament in New York, Murray claimed his first win ower Nadal.That victory meant that he'd acome the first player frae Britain syne Greg Rusedski in 1997 tae reach a major final.

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