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Tech cofounder dating

You're touching yourself, but you're in this virtual, immersed environment that's a safe place where you can still learn.Glamour: That sounds like an opportunity we don't really get now, since a lot of people wouldn't feel comfortable masturbating in front of a sex therapist.

The fact we can put an ad on a subway that simply says "Underwear for women with periods"—unapologetic about a woman’s bodily functions—signifies society's attitudes are changing.In 2017, JWT’s global intelligence report hailed 2017 as the year of "vagina-nomics." Vaginas and economics are coming together like never before.Body image and female sexual pleasure, which have previously remained on the fringes of discourse, are rapidly being embraced in mainstream media.But to hear her tell it, the most significant changes she's seen in sex tech aren't about the mechanics of how we have sex, but how our attitudes are shifting—particularly where gender is concerned.Cole talked to about how technology is altering our relationships and ultimately our society, for better and for worse (but mostly, she believes, for the better).

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BC: Not in the therapy world, but in the coaching world, there are people who do that.

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