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This isn't always easy and sometimes everyone needs a little help along the way.The coaches with Ask Mars Venus work with callers on creating realistic expectations about dating.This is a good reason to slow down and enjoy this new found excitement!Pace yourself and keep a little mystery in the air so they want to see more of you.You will never meet your soul mate if you avoid dating completely.It takes time and learning from your mistakes before you find "the one." By creating openness in your heart, you can attract your true match and recognize when they come into your life.It is easy to become disillusioned when you are not finding your soul mate right away.Many women become discouraged after a few bad experiences. Although it happens once in a while, most people do not stumble on the love of their life by accident.

Buffets may be great once in awhile but with everything laid out right in front of you there is no build up as to what is coming next. Many women get caught up in the fast action of a man who comes in like gangbusters saying all the right things because he really is “sincerely interested”…in the beginning.I may be generalizing here but I have had so many women write my advice column with this big question! He didn’t allow the relationship to progress naturally and got greedy with the euphoric feeling of this perfect woman in front of him!He put her on an unrealistic pedestal that had no other place to go but down…As our callers and posters on the Mars Venus message board share, the most common cause for disappointment is unrealistic expectations.After being invited to be a part of a dating discussion panel in Vancouver recently, I decided that this topic really needs to be addressed.

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If this amazing partnership is meant to be they need to be a great part of your life but not your entire life.