Sonija kwok dating

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Sonija kwok dating

Deric raised the same question in the talk show and answered by stating that they collaborated too many times and became “brothers.” In the television program, Deric performed a duet with Maggie Zhong (钟纯妍), entitled .

For this single release, Deric was involved in the image and graphic design, as well as the creative planning of the music video.

Deric also wrote the lyrics and completed the music production.

Deric and Maggie performed their duet with deep feeling together. Focusing his career in mainland China in recent years, Deric maintained a low-profile romantic life since breaking up with TVB artist, Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮).

This is my dream; however everything needs to be confirmed.” (Is Zhao Ting Mrs. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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Allegedly, Deric stated that he wanted to have a baby girl and was interested in naming her “Gentle Beauty” (温柔美) which bore the same name as his new song title. Wan” was a mystery as Deric refused to disclose who the woman was.

Asked which actress he was most comfortable acting with, Deric admitted that he was most comfortable with Maggie Shiu.Sammy reveals his 11 year old daughter loves to watch Moses's series and plans to bring his family for New Year visiting in Moses's house.He smiles and says: "Moses and I are impossible but our children may have chances.Considered as a veteran, Deric collaborated with numerous TVB actresses, including Irene Wan, Kathy Chow, and Maggie Shiu.The program host imitated Irene’s soft voice, leading to laughter on the set.

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