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Pianos and player pianos bearing this name were made in Marion Ohio from 1907 to 1927, after that date they were made by Jesse French and Kasselman at Newcastle, Indiana.

These pianos were reliable but would require the instrument be in exceptional condition or have great sentimental value in order to warrant rebuilding.

As frequently repeated in these pages the only way by which to arrive at an approximate valuation of an unknown piano-one bearing a name that is not the trademark of a recognized industry is to ascertain the instrument's origin and condition.

This also suggests the need of some knowledge of the makers of the various instruments.

Consequently, prospective piano buyers usually desire to know something concerning these points.

Agents and salesmen often make these items strong points in their arguments for or against the manufacture of these instruments.

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Such pianos are of course given their deserved place in this book and, even if the name may seem strange, the commendation herein accorded may be accepted as reliable.It wasn't long after the turn of the century that it was deemed desirable to "miniaturize" the clumsy Pianola and other similar, instruments so that they could be built directly inside the pianos.Within a few short years, the push up"players disappeared from the scene. Ahlstrom, who was a noted piano expert of the era and whose ideas aided in the development of the Piano Industry.By this time everyone got into the act, and every piano maker so manufactured a player of some sort. The Ahlstrom "ARTONE" piano was marked by several improvements, such as the non-blocking Action and a device for dividing tone volume, which enabled the production of a sustained pianissimo tone in the bass for the accompaniment, with the normal tone in the treble for melody.This name is known the world over in connection with musical instruments, It is applied to some of the various products of the Aeolian Company of New York which instruments of renown included the Duo Art Pianola, Weber Pianola, Steck Pianola, Wheelock Pianola, Stuyvesant Pianola, Steinway Duo Art Pianola, Stroud Pianola the Aeolian Orchestrelle and the Aeolian Pipe Organ; it also controlled the Meludee Music Co., Inc., and the Universal Music Co. This device is used today by virtually every piano maker in the world as the left pedal on every vertical piano manufactured.

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This famous old industry was founded in 1908 by Peter Adler and was, after a long and honorable career, owned and controlled by his sons, who give personal attention to every department of the model factory and offices in Louisville Ky.

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