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Peer cam chat

Google makes it easy to video or audio chat from within the Gmail interface on your desktop or laptop computer.Previously, these features required special plug-ins to be installed, but now you can start a video or audio chat directly from your Gmail account.You'll see how much a call costs once you initiate it. Using Google Hangouts through Gmail on a laptop or desktop is handy and effective but there might be times when you'd rather use Google Hangouts on the go.Fortunately, the feature is available on mobile devices too.Depends strongly on available bandwidth and CPU speed and varies with different audio/video-codecs.Complex UI or background workers can reduce these numbers.As of July 2015, a product called Google Hangouts became the default application that allows you to chat using video and audio through Gmail.

Once you choose a contact from the Hangouts app, you'll see options for starting a video or audio call, much like when using Gmail for internet calls.The stable release with support for Web RTC (web real time communications) brings Opera in line with Chrome and Firefox for Android, which added Web RTC support last year.Opera released the feature in its beta channel last month.Opera has offered Web RTC support in its desktop browser as has Chrome and Firefox since mid-2013.The set of Web RTC APIs open up the browser for web-based real time communications without plugins, or in the case of mobile, a separate app.

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Peer-to-peer, or P2P, describes a connection from a client device to another client device without the use of servers.

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