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Legally, in North Carolina, you cannot leave your parent's home  until you reach your majority (at age 18). IN CALIFORNIA, THERE ARE CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS WHICH PREVENT A JUDGE EXPUNGING A CONVICTION, ESPECIALLY VIOLENT FELONIES OR SEXUAL CRIMES, AND ALLOWING THE DEFENDANT TO... There is no standard sentence since every case is different and the laws vary in different jurisdictions.Although, it is true  that in some counties in North Carolina, the police will not make  you return to your parent's home if you are age 17 and one half  years old. Sentencing varies and generally is determined after a trial. And, depending on how good your heart is, you'll make good choices.   == Answer ==   IF YOU ARE FROM CALIFORNIA, YOU ARE IN LUCK. But, unfortunately, generally speaking, not very many people remain  good at heart with a lot of power and authority in their lives. There is simply not enough premium collected from a short-term workers comp policy for an insurer to want to accept the potential cost of employee injury claims. I HAVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IN THIS AREA AS TO CALIFORNIA.

These requirements do not include  anything about owning a separate household from your parents.

That would vary depending upon the particular state, as well, the crime that was committed.

Easiest way would be to do a search by state and crime for which one was convicted, however, keep in mind that convicted felons are limited in employment regardless of the crime because the majority will not...

The answer depends on the laws in your jurisdiction, your criminalhistory, the details of your particular case and many otherfactors.

Two individual committing a similar crime could end upwith different sentences. He must establish his paternity as outlined above and  then can petition the court for a visitation order and joint  custody.

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