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And being a rampant commodity, there’s no shortage of impulsive clicking on each of the 18,000 ads that show up in any given site.

That’s not to mention the ol’ industry-favorite pop-up ad. Effort and chivalrous convention don’t apply to the present young generation.

Accordingly, games have found their way to being pirated just as movies before them (only more “cut and paste” and disc-burning and less “bring a video camera into a movie theater” goes into software piracy).

Sharing websites such as Napster and Kazaa, before the ever-effective torrents we have today, leaked all sorts of video games people just didn’t want to pay for.

While the casual user sees nothing but vibrant green grass and limitless potential, the Stone-Age dwellers and businesses of yesteryear curse it’s very existence on a daily basis.Steaming websites like Hulu do the industry a solid by inserting commercials into the videos they stream, while still clipping off the price tag.Cable providers, themselves, even allow cable subscribers to watch programming online, another incentive to carry the service in-home.The other expendable bastion of cyber-presence construction is Facebook.Fan pages, beyond individual profiles, have taken the place of actual website operation as businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs.

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Better to chat to the tune of agreed upon background music, or flip through each others’ record collections to find out about that person (at least as far as music relates to their personality).