Updating asus motherboard

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Updating asus motherboard

We’ve tested the tool using the online mode and the BIOS was updated successfully, so we must mention once again that it’s very important to follow the steps provided by the manufacturer.

All in all, ASUS Update is a life-saving tool when you need to address some hardware issues by updating the BIOS, so give it a shot if you really have to.

If you are a bit skeptical or doubtful when it comes to updating your motherboard’s BIOS, you have all the rights to be so because messing around with BIOS updates could be a very tricky business that renders your computer unusable.

Not in the case of ASUS motherboards though, as the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer has released a dedicated software solution that can make the entire process a lot easier.

In order to reveal the sum of the BIOS options, the u The first main menu option, “My Favorites”, is initially empty.

This section displays only the options that the user manually marks as favorites and nothing else.

There also is the “Tweaker’s Paradise” submenu and it includes advanced chipset voltage and frequency options.

We feel that the vast majority of the users that will manually adjust the timing settings of their RAM modules will stick to the three primary timing settings, with the rest of the options being there only for competition overclockers.

The second submenu brings up the tweakable options of the Digi VRM, allowing the user to tweak sophisticated voltage, frequency, and current limit settings.

The “Secure Erase” tool is a low-level format application that is designed to “restore the performance of your SSD”.

It will irreversibly destroy all data on the said SSD, so it definitely is not a very practical solution.

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From here the user can change the RAM XMP profiles, the BCLK and RAM frequency settings, the CPU clock ratio (per core) and most of the important voltage values. More options are accessible via submenus (the “” sign denotes that the option will bring up a submenu).

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