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There are roughly two hundred million migrants today—migrants being defined as people living outside their homelands.The reasons for this are globalization, and wars, and new border freedoms, and, above all, disparities in economic opportunity.

“You have to be practical, and do what you can.” As she was preparing to start this job, a couple of years ago, she read four hundred case reports. The city, which has a population of more than seven hundred thousand, is dilapidated.An ebullient Dubai prison officer named Omer, who calls Rotaru “sister,” has been a help.So have Russian policemen, an Israeli lawyer, a Ukrainian psychologist, an Irish social worker, a Turkish women’s shelter, Interpol, and various consulates and embassies, as well as travel agents, priests, and partner organizations, including an anti-trafficking group called La Strada, which has offices downstairs from Rotaru’s and a dedicated victims’ hot line.After a raid, she’ll get calls from the detainees, or from cops, consulates, families, or friends—even, sometimes, from prostitution customers. Women phone clandestinely, from captivity, and Rotaru may have only moments to get the information she needs. They talked about how she could escape from her pimp during the weekly medical exam that women working in the brothel received at a local hospital. The woman wore an ivory-colored headband, so that she would be recognized. A round-the-clock guard was stationed at the beneficiary’s hospital room.The women don’t always have the information themselves; in extreme cases, they may not be sure what country they’re in. Rotaru arranged for travel documents and an air ticket; the young woman flew home in time for New Year’s Day, 2008. Rotaru shrugged, and said, “She accepted a high-risk job”—dancing in a casino—“but she didn’t accept prostitution.”Rotaru sometimes struggles to maintain her professional distance.

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