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Stop by the Mill Colonnade and take the Lázeňská street towards the Grandhotel Pupp, just like James Bond did after having landed in Montenegro – or, actually, Karlovy Vary.

Notice the Castle Tower and then take a stroll around the Tržiště street just like Queen Latifah in Last Holiday.

It is also possible to get into Karlovy Vary by plane.

There are regular flights from Yekaterinburg, Moscow – Sheremetyevo and Saint Petersburg – Pulkovo.

Exposition of the IFF: Hollywood Stars Face to face with film stars In the premises of the Thermal Hotel, which regularly hosts the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, you have a chance to visit the permanent exposition of photographs devoted to the festival and its famous guests.

You will be reminded of the atmosphere of the previous festival years and you can look at various photos capturing celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Sharon Stone, Gregory Peck, Michael Douglas, Mia Farrow, Scarlett Johansson, John Travolta or Antonio Banderas.

You will also see an exhibition of porcelain with unique spa buttons and a romantic fresco dating back to the 15 Do you remember?

James Bond and Vesper Lynd have just arrived into Montenegro and they are starting for the Splendide hotel.

Leaving Karlovy Vary without having visited Grandhotel Pupp would be criminal.South Europe and MENA - 51.85% North West Europe - 22.99% North East Europe - 12.07% Armenian/Near East/Arabia - 13.10% A lot of the K36's I have seen include the Armenia component, I believe it is probably proxy for an element present pan Southern Europe-Caucasus and should be included in South Europe and MENA along with Near East.Arabia with it's own category, just my 2c.23andme results: 94% Balkan, 0.9% Italian, 0.8% Middle Eastern, 2.2% broadly southern European, 0.3 British & Irish, 0.3% Japanese, 0.5% unassigned My Origins2.0: 100% Southeast European My Ancient Origins: 62% Farmer, 24% Hunter Gatherer, 14% Metal Age Invader My Heritage: 76% Greek, 16% Balkan, 8% Italian We Gene: 99.5% Balkan, 0.5% unassigned Gene Plaza: 92.7% East Mediterranean, 5.2% Southwestern European, 1.5% Ambiguous DNA.This became a very popular backdrop for film-makers. You should also drop by the Loket Castle, which appeared in Casino Royale from a bird’s eye perspective and due to its highly-preserved state it is very frequently used as a backdrop for medieval festivals and fairy-tale movies.You can rest in the garden in front of the Goethe Hotel and gather strength for the rest of the trip.

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From here it is only a short distance to the casino – or to the Emperor’s Spa (Spa I) – on the other side of the river.