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Intimidating eye black

This is actually a little tougher than it sounds since there is a very strong spring on the film speed selector that holds the selector securely in the detents.In addition to setting the film speed, the selector acts as a physical stop to limit the range of the shutter speed selection.The center of the film advance level has a film reminder window that can be manually set to the type of film that is loaded.

Featuring a 43mm, f 2.5 lens, the camera can be set to either Shutter Priority or full Manual mode.A red flag below the f2.8 marking indicates that there is not enough light for the meter to register.As is typical for cameras of this type, the meter reading is displayed only in auto exposure mode.This was a popular size for Olympus and they still make a branded lens cap this size, P/N LC-43.This is a nice plus, since cameras this old have usually lost their lens caps.

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All in all, it has a wonderfully classic "space age" look.