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So I get why some of the women were struggling to keep up with the Jones’, if you will, all the while they’re not making the same income as before.

It was always nice to be in a relationship with someone who was well off at the time that we were dating; I was spoiled rotten, yes. but I also made my own money and the show really didn’t show that side of me. or did anything, for that matter, until you mentioned it on the show. I’ve never lost that entrepreneurial spirit and I honestly believe that that’s what made Jeff fall in love with me … But once he passed away, reality set in really quick and I was like "holy smokes." I’ve now taken a good year and a half off from a very lucrative business … I was married once before; I know what being a housewife is. He just said, "Honey, you keep getting these opportunities.

“It’s about the television show and the story and not about you,” warns Stewart.

Gretchen Rossi made quite the impression on viewers last season when she joined the sun-kissed ladies of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." When we first met her, the blond bombshell -- more kitten than the cougar now at 32 -- was perceived by some (including fellow ' Housewife' Tamra) as just another ditzy gold-digger looking to cash in on her (much older) ailing fiance's estate. If I told you, you’d be worn out by the time we were done. With the way the economy is, I have to be smart with my money.

Six years ago, on “The Real Housewives of New York City,” we watched Bethenny Frankel’s relationship blossom with the tall, handsome Jason Hoppy, a sales rep she had met at a nightclub in NYC. Bravo gave them their own spinoff, “Bethenny Getting Married?

Compared to the wild “Housewives,” Hoppy was the epitome of normal — a straight shooter from a humble family in Pennsylvania. ” — subsequently named “Bethenny Ever After” — where we watched, over the course of three seasons, the loving (and pregnant) couple marry at the lavish Four Seasons restaurant, get rich, joke, and eventually bicker.

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