Absurd developments in dating technology

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I wasn’t sure what the appeal was, but a few years later I logged onto AOL for the first time and found my way to a real-time chat room.

I can still remember the first message I wrote: impressive is the fact that I loaded this up on the latest version of Safari, and aside from a few missing gifs, it looks pretty much exactly the way it did when I created it back in 9th grade.

A bloody and protracted battle ensued between Netscape and Microsoft as they fought for Internet dominance. And of course, we can’t forget everybody’s favorite web language.. Microsoft — in true Microsoft Fashion — responded quickly by reverse engineering Java Script and releasing it in Internet Explorer 3.0 as “JScript”.

In war, technological advances abound, and this war was no exception. In May of 1995, Brendan Eich created Java Script…in 10 days. Actually, it was originally called Live Script, but he later changed the name to Script despite having nothing to do with the Java programming language. The name wasn’t the only thing that was different; it had to have implementation inconsistencies — same with CSS and HTML.

The largest, most expensive scientific experiment in history which may eventually unlock the very secrets of the universe and unify our understanding of the smallest particles with that of the largest of heavenly bodies? In 1980 when I was just an embryo in my mother’s belly, the internet was but an embryo in the mind of Physicist Tim Berners-Lee, who created a simple hypertext program called ENQUIRE as a personal database of people and software models.

More specifically, the World Wide Web, which popularized the Internet.

Or is the Web browser becoming an application platform; a compile target for an ever growing sea of “apps”.

Microsoft’s anti-trust case resulted in a mere slap of the wrist. Like Darth Vader’s Empire (or Kylo Ren’s First Order for you younglings), Microsoft’s grip on the Internet appeared unyielding and absolute.

Practically all browser innovation ground to a halt after Microsoft released its infamous Internet Explorer 6.0.

Which is funny because although it got its list of reserved words from Java, its syntax is based on C. It just wouldn’t be Internet Explorer without them.

Ultimately, Netscape was unable to compete with the juggernaut that Microsoft had become.

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What’s the most important thing to come out of Switzerland? So in 1990 using his super cool Ne XT Computer (known as “The Cube”), he expanded on his hypertext ideas and created the first version of HTML.

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