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Attending high school in the Corn Belt in the 1950s, I was a social outcast, a nerd whose ideas and interests were odd and all too often eyebrow-raising.Yet, college classmates of the avant-garde, beatnik variety viewed me as intellectually unsophisticated and too hopelessly square for more than amused forbearance.Capricorn works toward solid, time-tested, long-term goals and accomplishments; Aquarius is innovative and thinks outside the box.Likewise, Saturnians carefully build and maintain form; Uranians smash crystallized patterns, periodically reinventing themselves.

Marginal people play a significant role in a society that is in flux.Some 40 years later, I still won't ever be mainstream, though I'm better at faking it now.It no longer matters — what has made all the difference in loving myself was finding a community of the heart.One of the comforts of higher learning is finding yourself described in a text by a recognized expert and discovering that you're not alone but, instead, are part of an identifiable group.You may have felt that same sense of validation while perusing an astrology book or the pages of this magazine.

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Having tried a few dating sites I was about to give up but then I found Cragslist Dating.

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