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Australian dating sites oasis

Investigations into the materials found are ongoing at the National Museum of Damascus.

The fieldwork at Tell Aswad has changed the dating system at this site, abolishing the Aswadian period in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) period (9500–8700 cal BC).

Other finds included grinding equipment, stone and mud containers, and ornaments made of various materials. Basketry and weaving were commonplace with the imprint of embroidered fabric recorded on a fragment of plaster.

Modelling clay and stone figurines of people, animals and geometric shapes such as spheres, cones, discs took place since the beginning of the settlement, these were sometimes mixed with vegetables.

The inhabitants of Tell Aswad invented the brick on site by modelling earth clods with beds of reeds, which they then formed into raw bricks and eventually dried in later stages.

The presence of flora such as water reeds, rushes and tamarisk shows that the site was close to a very humid environment.

The presence of bones of fish and aquatic birds like ducks, cranes and geese, indicated that the site was located near a lake and the inhabitants of Neolithic Aswad fully exploited its resources.

Houses were round from beginning to the end of the settlement, elliptical or polygonal and were partly buried or laid.

The orientation of the openings is most often to the East.

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Hunting is well represented with two species of horses, two gazelles (mountain gazelle and Persian gazelle), wild boars, many water birds and some birds of the steppes.

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