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Use intimidating

Pros say it's equally important to pay attention to the stories the other person share as you share yours.There are more commonalities between people than you'd think.(This is what Clinton had advised Flowers to do in a taped conversation.) Then, Flowers admitted to a 12-year affair.interview with Bill as he delivered a lawyerly denial of the 12-year allegation (he later admitted having sex with Flowers once).Hillary joined strategy sessions over what verbiage to use in the interview.

Perhaps you think Hillary had to stand by her man, or she correctly calculated that the broader political project — both of the Clintons and of liberalism – justified waging political war against a few inconvenient women.She interviewed superlawyer Bob Bennett to handle the Jones sexual-harassment suit and insisted on a hardline defense.Bennett spread rumors of nude pictures of Jones and had another lawyer subpoena men to try to find evidence of Jones’s alleged promiscuity.onald Trump’s philosophy is never to use a scalpel when a meat ax is available, and so it is with his attack on the Clinton scandals of the 1990s.And yet, in slamming Hillary as Bill’s “enabler” and daring to invoke the allegation of rape against Clinton, Trump is again demonstrating his unsurpassed ability to needle his opponents and expose their vulnerabilities.

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It's by far the worse movie ever made and I have no idea how it won the awards that it did...

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