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A jehovah witnesses dating sites

Lant kept the dental impression originals safe somewhere but no one knows where they could be, but they were never used for publishing the original 1881. A good mystic would know there is twelve aspects/entities of Creator.In Oahspe's Book of Ben it shows Jehovih as the Godhead and his Children.

Jehovah is from Jove, (Jovial) the planet Jupiter which is the higher octave of the Sun and represents the reverent mind.

They took great pains to have the original survive by making impressions at Newbrough's dental office of all of the printing plates.

Another Oahspe, the 1882 was prepared and printed by someone other than Lant.

He palmed all this off as, THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS and THE GREAT SPIRIT and others.

We did not dare to seriously debate the too many inconsistencies for many years.

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Kosmon is really Kadmon and Es is (S) for Soph (Hebrew) Sophia—Sophism.

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