Girls nude camp in croatia

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Girls nude camp in croatia

I felt like a true hippie standing on the side of the road, singing and enjoying the view; I loved it!

It didn’t matter what time it was or how long it took me to get where I was going because I felt free!

About Amanda Beckley My name is Amanda Beckley, I am a 27 year old backpacker from small town America (population 850 according to the 2013 census).

At 26 I realized I was living my life precisely as I was expected to and I was miserable. In fact, as a young child, I remember telling my parents I wanted to travel around the world and pick up trash, as I thought a garbage man was the ideal job to find all scores of treasure!

Growing up in a family of five brothers and sisters can bring out the wild side in anyone.

Together with Dubrovnik and Hvar, this stunning nature phenomenon is Croatia’s signature landmark.I spent an entire month in this land of astonishing coastlines, rugged mountains and beautiful people, and at the end I didn’t want to leave.As a solo female traveler having never hitchhiked before, I was a little nervous. After that initial pickup, I was in love with this new way of getting around.With the 1,777 km long mainland, 1,246 islands and god-only-knows (because god created it so gorgeous) how many bays, inlets and alcoves, there is a whopping 4,058 km long stretch where you can meet the divine. Do you still think you need a list of Croatia top beaches? get your kids under control, that fool splashed all over me…Let’s zoom in at what the ethereal Golden Cape looks like at the height of the season. I wish I could tell you to do a citizen arrest when you see people leaving their litter on a beach, but there’s still no such thing in Croatia!If you do, let me give you 10 reasons why you are better off avoiding Croatia best beaches. They have been advertised as the best, disclosed on a map and photographed by professional marketers, travel bloggers and us common folk. A shaded beach doesn’t fit as many eager sun-bathers as a bare stretch of sand or gravel.

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So I have always wanted (much to my family’s concern) to go hitchhiking and wild camping.

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