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The pavilion hosting the convention was bright and open; the interior was several stories tall, with an artfully designed lattice of skylights and steel girders forming the roof high overhead.The grandiose arrangement of the concourses between the convention halls, and the enormity of Anime Con's main lobby itself would have seemed excessive--if not for the fact that many areas were already filling to capacity.A trio of western superheroines in daringly high-cut spandex were strutting and striking sexy poses for cameras, and over there was an airheaded-looking girl dressed as Akane Kurokawa chatting with a group of nerds--seemingly oblivious to the fact that her tits were nearly spilling out of her loose yukata every time she laughed.Used goods whores trying to out-slut each other for attention, same as last year, Chloe thought, making a noise of disgust deep in her throat.Her goal hadn't actually been to break up with Brian at all; there was no reason to throw away all the effort she'd put into shaping the course of the relationship to her needs. A proper baptism, Chloe thought with a malicious smile. She'd casually dropped comments that Brian was fed up with someone, or sick of the way a certain somebody acted, discreetly driving wedges between each of them and her boyfriend.Back when Brian had begun working longer shifts, she'd taken advantage of his every absence in their social group to sow subtle seeds of discord. After months of carefully unravelling and disassociating, she managed to isolate him from his friends with a clever divide of misdirection, fabricated excuses, and outright lies." How long do you think it took her to make that, huh? The giant man was walking parallel to the line, heckling the attendees in an obnoxiously overdone Austrian accent. "I hear people ask, Brick-cloud, how I become great like you? "Next year for sure, though..." "Well anyways, speaking of toxic masculinity, get this," Chloe began, toying with her hair. "And you don't get to decide how to define toxic masculinity. 'Considering things objectively' is just that man-splaining way of saying that their narrow, pre-programmed, male worldviews are too tiny to be challenged by progressive new ideas. I'd hoped you were going to be different somehow, Chloe sighed, looking at Ryan again and realizing he really didn't seem nearly as handsome or progressive anymore now that he'd just about outlived his usefulness. Fuck, Chloe gritted her teeth as she arrived at the nearest restroom. A dozen girls, in staggered groups of ones and twos, were entering the ladies' room, while another seven or so were coming out.

There was everything from flocks of simple schoolgirls to lone dragon knights in intricately-detailed armor, and the crowds pouring through the entranceways and into Anime Con formed a discordant mess as anime fans arrived from all over the entire coast.Saturday was the convention's biggest day in terms of both events and attendees, and as ever, the turnout was staggeringly impressive.Many were dressed in casual geek attire--simple T-shirts or hoodies emblazoned with anime logos--but there was an abundance of cosplayers as well.When he was finally alone, backed into a corner, and pushed to the limits of frustration and loneliness he could endure, she would arrive to save him, to reshape him into the man he needed to be. to accept a pair of firm and intelligent hands at the reins, Chloe decided with a chuckle.He won't stress that little head of his guessing what might make me happiest, until by some chance he accidentally gets it right. Cramming her phone into the back pocket of her cutoffs, she turned to regard her companion for the morning as he finally caught up to her. " Ryan's voice had an expressive feminine lilt, emphasizing his words with changes in pitch rather than volume.

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Chloe thumbed into her phone, staring impassively at the steadily blinking cursor for a moment before sending the message. He's probably obsessing over the right words, agonizing over figuring out just the perfect reply. Sliding a pair of oversized sunglasses down from her forehead, she glanced up from her phone towards the enormous Anime Con banner strung up in the crisp morning air.

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