Who is deborah cox dating

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Over the weekend, the newly engaged couple enjoyed a date night at the theater to see their good friend Deborah Cox star in Dulé and Deborah enjoyed a full circle moment as they celebrated the show backstage with the cast and reminisced on their days living in the same apartment complex and embraced that they now have successful careers and new life chapters. My roomie...kinda 😉❤️🙏🏾 #Studio City #Bluffside Drive #Repost @deborahcox ・・・ Tonight THE homie, incredible actor, dancer incredible performer...

Roots & Ting, Inspiration & Ting...that's you @deborahcox!

Since the mid-1990s, Deborah Cox has maintained a multifaceted career as a singer of sleek soul-pop hits and as an actress on Broadway’s musical stage.

“Luckily, with technology I’m able to Skype and i Chat and text and stay very present in their day-to-day,” she says."Greatest Love of All" she performs reflectively about her relationship with her son. With this role, keeping up with that pace is exhausting.There's a lot of really, really key moments that inform the audience of her personality and passion and drive and her guard. There are so many similarities between myself and Rachel, and that helped inform what Rachel would be. I like to have the time away to just be me and to not be so engrossed in it all, because it's consuming. That kind of pace, it can be really difficult to continue. You're a part of this hurricane of madness and how she deals with it. She’s been in Durham for a few days and just bounced from California to Texas to Florida to New York to Raleigh, N. C., back to Texas, then to Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and now Durham. We have to keep up an eight-show-a-week schedule, a Broadway schedule, while we’re traveling.The Grammy-nominated singer and theater actress is on tour with , playing a lady of the night in the dark musical, which begins a Broadway run in April. There’s a day off, and the day off is a travel day and you try to get whatever you have to do outside of theater done.

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She writes about film and television, and edits the Weekend section. Seeing my all-time favorite vocalist on the big screen was epic.