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After we had breakfast and cleaned it up, we went to explore the surroundings a bit and we went shopping. , Jennifer just threw the cold water all over me, she laughed and ran outside. I now lifted her legs up and started to walk to the pool.

When we came back it was around 5 AM and around 30 minutes later my mother and Jennifer were cooking a meal together. "Yeah sure, wait I'll get some ice cubes," I said and I started to walk to the freezer. I was shocked for a moment but started to run after her. I saw that my parents and Peter were all laughing too. " Jennifer screamed and she tried to get away but it did not work.

I could not believe that this was happening and I started to feel a little shy.

It felt amazing and my hard dick was pressing against the tanning bed. Turn around again, I forgot to do your face," she said to me.

We were waiting for them at the gate that our plane was leaving from, when I saw them coming towards us from a distance. "Yeah, I'm really excited too, it's going to be fun again! My parents were also talking with Peter, when we were told that we could board the plane.

"Hey look, there they are," my mom said, while pointing at them. On the plane I was sitting next to Peter and my father while my mom was sitting somewhere else with Jennifer.

A few times our hands touched in the water, even a small thing like touching her hand made me crazy. I swam after her, dove underwater and grabbed one of her legs.

They were coming closer, damn, Jennifer looked even better then I remembered. When we arrived at our destination, it was already evening so we looked around a little, made up our beds and went almost directly to sleep.

She was wearing light blue jeans which were ripped a bit, black heels and a white t-shirt with a print on it. We were sleeping in a little house with a pool in the backyard.

It was not the first time that we were going on vacation together, we did it almost every year.

This year we went to a place near Venice in Italy for 2 weeks. His wife Jennifer has been my crush for a lot of years now, she is what you would call a cougar.

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That evening I took a shower and Jennifer took one after me. Jennifer just came outside when I said that, she looked amazing as always.

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