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Dating your best friend and breaking up

In many cases, the point of the breakup was to remove yourself from a toxic environment.While a friendship would put you in that environment less than a dating relationship, you would still be defeating the purpose of the breakup by being in that environment at all.If you dated for a short period of time and you never crossed healthy sexual boundaries, the possibility of remaining friends after the breakup is much more likely.You probably should not try to be best buds so you’re not tempted to endlessly orbit each other and repeat this dating cycle to only realize it still doesn’t work, but hanging out amongst a group of shared friends is not an unhealthy practice in this scenario.You have armfuls of emotional belongings and no place to put them.

One of the most commonly debated and thought-about questions regarding breakups is, “Should we be friends after we breakup?Help MR: How do you deal with a best-friend breakup? It’s a rare and enlightened human who takes actual comfort in being told “time heals all wounds,” that “you’ll get over it eventually” and “you’ll meet someone new.” One of the few things my 29 years on this planet have taught me is that all of those things have proven to be true, and yet they don’t make reality any better when you’re slogging through the end of something that was wonderful. This hurts so badly because the person you used to call anytime literally anything happened to you — promotions, confrontations, big loves, awful awkward moments, bowel movements — is no longer your person to call.It’s been one week since my best friend and I “ended it.” The decision was mutual and I think it’s a mature one given that things will never go back to the way they were, but this sucks so much. The protector and harborer of your deepest secrets, she who was tasked with clearing your reputation-damning search history should you die in a freak accident, the one who has seen you do (and has done with you) weird, weird things is now, instead, just another human on this planet.How long has it been since you’ve made decisions without the consultation of your former counterpart? Do these things in small steps all day, all week, all month, and relish in them.You are rebuilding, and you are growing, and you are setting yourself up to be the next stage of you.

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