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Written informed consent was obtained from all participants. Discussion: Spatial clustering within the villages was transient, making the prediction of spatial clusters difficult.Results: Most clinical episodes and subclinical infections occurred within a single study village. Interventions that are dependent on predicting spatial clusters (such as reactive case detection) would only have detected a small proportion of cases unless the entire village was screened within a limited time frame and with a highly sensitive diagnostic test. | Show Abstract | Read more BACKGROUND: Prophylaxis for high-risk populations, such as forest workers, could be one component for malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.Molecular testing for k13 mutations was performed on dry blood spots collected on admission.RESULTS: The proportion of k13 mutations in these patients was 41.7%, and only 5 alleles were detected: C580Y, I205T, M476I, R561H, and F446I.

falciparum treated with artesunate monotherapy followed by 3-day ACT in an isolated area on the Myanmar-Thai border with relatively low artemisinin drug pressure.

Pyronaridine was extracted on a weak cation exchange solid-phase column (SPE) and separated on a HALO RP amide fused-core column using a gradient mobile phase of acetonitrile-ammonium formate and acetonitrile-methanol.

Detection was performed using electrospray ionization and tandem mass spectrometry (positive ion mode with selected reaction monitoring). | Show Abstract | Read more Afghanistan's national guidelines recommend primaquine (PQ) for radical treatment of Plasmodium vivax malaria, but this is rarely implemented because of concerns over potential hemolysis in patients who have G6PD deficiency.

CONCLUSIONS: This study provides evidence of artemisinin resistance in a remote part of eastern Myanmar. | Show Abstract | Read more Background: The malaria burden is decreasing throughout the Greater Mekong Subregion, however transmission persists in some areas.

The prevalence of k13 mutations as well as allele diversity varies considerably across short distances, presumably because of historical patterns of artemisinin use and population movements. Human movement, subclinical infections and complicated transmission patterns contribute to the persistence of malaria.

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falciparum episode occurred (model adjusted odds ratio (AOR): 6.9; CI: 2.3-19. Plasmodium infections were cleared using presumptive treatment, irrespective of malaria status, with a 3-day course dihydroartemisinin/piperaquine (DP) and a 14-day course of primaquine.

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