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They become inseparable and have many adventures together.

Cécile Aubry wrote and directed the series, which she based on her novel Belle et Sébastien. Two series followed, titled Sébastien parmi les hommes and Sébastien et la Mary-Morgane.

Thomas Dubreuil inherits an apartment in Paris from his recently deceased father.

When he goes to move in, he finds Valentine Léger, a young woman who is already living there.

The lives and loves of Minet, Éric, Rémy, Framboisier and René who are the musical band, Les Musclés.

After his Romani mother dies giving birth to him, Sébastien is raised by an old shepherd along with his own two grandchildren.

When Sébastien is six years old, he meets Belle, a white Pyrenean mountain dog.

However, many French game shows and reality shows are based on one or more series or television show franchises from other countries, most commonly from the UK.

These and other programs that have been remade in France are also included in another section, at the bottom of this article.

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She goes to fill in for her father as director of a summer camp for 10- to 14-year-olds.

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